David's gearDavid endorses SONOR and plays SQ2 drums, which are vintage maple with an outer finish of American Walnut.

For the Cream and Hendrix the kit comprises of:

22 x 17 Bass Drum, 18 x 16 and 16 x 16 Floor Tom Toms, 12 x 10 and 10 x 9 Hanging Toms, 14 x 6 Pro-lite Brass Snare

And the compact kit formation:

20 x 17 Bass Drum, 14 x 14 Floor Tom Tom, 12 x 9 and 10 x 8 Hanging Toms, 14 x 5 Pro-lite Brass Snare

On the Toms, Evans white coated reso 360 on the bottom and G2 360 on the batter to give a retro, deeper pitch. Snares Genera single ply on the Batter, clear hazy snare side. SONOR hardware and Giant Step pedals. David also uses Sabian cymbals a mixture of Evolution and AAX. Promark sticks. He also has a various assortment of percussion and an electronic set up which you can out at www.daviddriverdrums.com

Neil plays Dr Z amplifiers, various Fender Stratocasters, a 1963 Gibson SG and a 1959 Les Paul.

Freak Flag

Jon uses a Gibson SG bass, a TC Electronics amp, an authentic Thai bong and a Tibetan prayer wheel. He is also the only UK endorsee of Captain Coconut’s finest goatskin clogs.


BOOKINGS » David Driver: 07778 210 374 » Email: freaks@freakflag.co.uk